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The walks proposed are not particularly difficult, however, given that they are mountain trails, it is important to check your own physical preparation, the adequacy of your equipment and the weather conditions.

Nature - some of the best itineraries

Summer is the best time to explore, to hike or to spend most of the time outside enjoying the sunshine.

Some of our itineraries are easy, some of others are for expert feet or a day-long, ask us our recommendations!

In both cases (of short walk or long walk..) you’ll find places with an extraordinary beauty, amazing and unique landscapes that will leave you speechless.


Discover the Aosta Valley Region!

Ru de la Plaine


Chamois estate

Col di Joux - Saint Vincent


Lago blu Cervinia



Miniera di Brusson




SAINT-VINCENT Ru de la Plaine
Pleasant and easy walk in a short distance from our hotel, this route develops along the historical Ru de la Plaine, a water channel used to irrigate land and fields.
This path is part of the famous “Via Francigena”, an ancient walk that starts in Canterbury and ends in Rome. It is recommended for families, also with kids or for an easy and healthy walk, it permits to do Nordic walking or mountain bike, and you might also find people riding horses. Along the circuit you’ll find free gym equipment for a complete workout journey.



Chamois is a small village situated at 1815 meter altitude above the sea level, in the middle of the Matterhorn’s Valley, it is the highest village of all Aosta Valley and it is one of the highest village of all Italy reachable only by walk, bicycle or by a cable lift starting from Buisson, in Antey saint André. The town has maintained all its magical characteristics of a small and unique alpine village.Walks: you’ll find the “energetic path”, perfect for everyone and ideal by foot or with the bicycle, thanks to the “bike sharing” service active during summer time. Otherwise you’ll have Ru des Novalles that starts near “Foressous farm” (2050 metres altitude) and after 2 km arrives to Lod’s lake (2015 meters altitude).


Col de Joux (1640 m) is a wooded pass that connect Saint-Vincent with Brusson (near town). The path passes through characteristic small villages and suggestive forests, showing amazing view over the Ayas valley. From the pass start different paths with different level of difficulty, for example you can go towards “Testa Comagna” or “Colle Tzecore” for some medium/high difficult way. Otherwise you’ll find nice and easy walk if you go towards Sommarese or the village called “Pallu”, where you see a nice artificial lake.
During summer time it is possible to go to Col de Joux by car even to enjoy a sunny day and play with your kids/dogs and have a nice meal or pick nick there.


Cervinia’s blu lake is situated half an hour by walk or a few minutes away by car from Breuil Cervinia town centre, along the regional route of Valtournenche. It was called Blue lake because of its water colour, blue, due from some rocks founded on the lake’s bottom. This lake, surrounded by secular alpine larches, is also famous because the Matterhorn is reflected on its water, creating a spectacular nature picture. In a short distance you can also find other small lakes (Layet lakes) with different colours.

Family owned Bisson Farm organizes a genuine bicycle apple tour in their farm! Different path will lead you to discover where and how they grow apples.. with passion and in a suggestive environment. It is possible to choose three different paths: First one: it is long about 12 km on Gargantua’s road Second one: it is medium long, around 6,5 km discovering Gressan’s History through its monuments. Last one: It is a short path,2 km long, close to Aosta city.  Ask us more information, we will be happy to help you choose the right bicycle route!



It is located on a scenic view over Ayas Valley, this mining cave permits you to discover some underground beauties. -The mining have an extensive underground path of about 1600 metres. Today it is possible to visit: the gallery until “FILONE” 7 of Fenilliaz, long and suggestive underground ways. -The mining museum of Chamosira and the “Centre of documentation of Joseph Herbet”. Our staff will be happy to help you with the booking!

Also called the 8th wonder of the world… this extreme engineering construction is built on the Mont Blanc glacier, over 3500 meters.
With the Skyway you’ll be surrounded with an amazing scenario thanks also to the revolving cab, able to give you a 360° view, it has three stations with bar, restaurant and entertainment services. On the top of Europe, you’ll be on one of the highest point reachable with a cable lift, you can also find a 14 meters circular terrace that offers a special eyesight unique in the world. Immerse yourself in this amazing experience… The 4000 Occidental Alps are really close, the time seems to stop, the beauty of the scenario will leave you speechless. Enjoy the silence of this unforgettable moment.