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Castels.. but not only..

In the Middle Ages, the Aosta Valley was a forced passage to the Alpine passes. Route collections were an important source of power and income. Aosta Valley wasn't directly controlled by any authority, so it was easy to take the land and appoint yourself as its LORD. Here it’s where the first castles started to be built by local nobles who expanded their property. First, the castles had a defensive function, later in the years they became residential properties. Learn more with the guided tour or simply visit the main castes to revive history.

Our staff will help you to discover the cultural wonders that our region offers.


Saint-Vincent sito archeologico


Castello di Issogne

Forte di Bard


Castello Fenis


Baron Gamba





The archaeological site situated under Saint-Vincent church it is right in front of the Best Western plus hotel alla Posta. During the roman times ((II – IV sec. d.C) this place was an important thermal bath area. After the beginning of the V secolo d.C the area started to be used as burial graves orientated towards east-west, typical sign of first Christendom.
A dedicated way will lead you to discover all the roman site, ask us information.


Issogne’s castel was a property of the Bishops of Aosta,it was then restored in the 15th century by the Challant family, then the prior of Sant’Orso, restored it and it became a luxurious residence.When you enter the castle, you’ll be amazed by the majestic walls painted with coats of arms of the Challant family and of the dynasties related to them. In the middle of the courtyard there is the famous fountain, symbol of the Challant family.
Inside, the hall are painted with everyday life scenes such as the guards, the butcher and the baker, the pharmacy etc..)

What you see, it’s the original Bard Fortress, built in the early nineteenth and almost intact since its construction. This majestic building hosts now temporary exhibitions such as the famous “Museum of the Alps”, or the wildlife photography, you can also visit the prisons and a thematic itinerary of history of the fort.
You have two options to enter the fortess.. you can follow the pedestrian path, or use the panoramic lifts through which you can enjoy a wonderful view over the valley.

Fenis castle wasn’t built for defence or military ragion, it wasn’t built on a promontory either but on a small hill. Its function was only to be the prestigious seat of the Challant family. The castle is only a few kms away from Aosta city, easy and nice to visit it has maintained all its beauty and magical appeal.


It was Built at the begging of 1900 and After a complex restoration work, today the castle houses 13 rooms used for exhibitions , with over 150 works of art such as paintings, sculptures, installations, drawings and photographs belonging to a regional collection dating back from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day.
The park The castle is surrounded by an amazing park over a total area of 54.000 square metres with 150 different trees species. Inside you have three important and unpopular trees: the giant Sequoia from California, the Bald cypress and the Honey locust

If you come to Aosta valley you can’t miss Aosta city with its amazing historic centre, you’ll be amazed by a fascinating walk that will send you back to the ancient roman colony of Augusta Praetoria Salassoru, and its monumental treasures of the Middle ages.You can’t miss the famous Arch of Augustus, Roman theatre, the cryptoporticus and lots more monuments that will render your visit…. Magical! And more.. During summer time you can’t miss the typical “Foire d’été, that every summer gives an overview of local artisanal production and a purchase opportunity for those visiting the Valle d'Aosta in the summer.

Musicastelle is a musical event divided in: Musicastelle in Blue (paying concert). And musicastelle Outdoor ( outdoor concert , free entry. The festival offers concerts of Italian, local or international artists, who will perform in beautiful natural locations of Aosta Valley. Let’s combine one or more concert during your visit... and you’ll have a musical stay!