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In the Middle Ages, the Fair took place in the “Borgo di Aosta”, the area surrounding the Collegiate Church that bears the name of Sant’Orso. Legend has it that it all began opposite the church, where the Saint, who lived earlier than the 9th century, apparently used to help the poor by giving out clothes and “sabot”, the typical wooden clogs visitors can still find at the Fair today. These days the whole of the town centre is involved in the event, which takes place both inside and outside the Roman walls.

By Car: 22 km with highway - free parkings outside the city and special free bus to reach the center - 10 minutes
By Bus: departure in front of the hotel and arrival in the center of Aosta (about every hour) – 45 minutes
By Train: departure from Châtillon (around 3km from the hotel reachable by bus) and arrival in the center of Aosta.

Sant'Orso Fair

Every year, on 30 and 31 January, artists and craftsmen from Aosta Valley proudly displai their works along the streets of Aosta town centre.

All of the traditional activities are represented: sculpture and inlay on wood, soapstone, wrought iron and leather working, weaving of drap, a traditional woollen fabric on old-style wooden looms, lace, wicker, household objects, wooden ladders, casks, etc... During the fair is possiblto vsit atelie, where objects from various  craft categories are exposed and even on sale. 

The fair is also about music, folkore and a chance to taste the traditional gourmet products and wines. In the foodstaff pavilion you can taste the typical flavours of the Aosta Valley. The high point of this popular festival is the "Veillà", on the nights between 30 and 31 January, with the streets all it up and full of people until dawn. 

Accomodation in Superior double room 

Buffet breakfast

Area Fitness 24h included

N 1 acces in our Spa (16.30-21.00) 

N 1 Appetizer in our Post Café & Restaurant 

At check in we'll give you the map of Aosta 

Euro 90,00 per person *

* The price is per person, per night. Offer valid for night of 30 and 31 January 2019.